Terms and Conditions

STEP 1 - Complimentary Consultation
The process begins with a complimentary consultation either by phone, in person, through email or videoconference using iChat or Skype. During the consult, we will discuss your personal style, wedding colors, theme, etc., so I can better compose your stationery dreams onto paper. Please bring any color swatches with you to the consult, or feel free to mail them to me, of the colors you would like to use, as well as, any pictures you have gathered for your desired wedding theme. All consultations are by appointment only. 

STEP 2 - Booking & Quote Acceptance
After our initial consultation, I will prepare a quote for you, which will include all the materials, cards, design costs and a timeline to complete your invitation order. Once the quote is agreed upon you will be issued a formalized invoice that shoule be paid in full prior to design work. Because of the relatively quick turnaround, retainer fee’s are waived in this process.

Please note: all quotes are valid for only 30 days. Any stationery orders that are needed within 1-2 weeks are considered "Rushed," and with such, will be subject to increased rates at the discretion of JesSmith Designs. For increased rates, please see the section on
Rushed Invitations



All clients will be introduced to the ultimate planning, payment and tracking process by using the application "Trello". Upon retainer or payment of invoice, you will receive a link from me navigating your design process. Here, you can also interact with wording, proofs and even further questions. 

STEP 3 - The Design Process
After receiving your payment and all wording, I will begin designing your stationery or modifying pre-selected stationery designs. You will then receive a proof of your design. After you have reviewed the layouts, your feedback is requested within 1 week, as to which I will make all requested changes and resubmit proofs back to you within 1 to 2 weeks. You have the opportunity to change the layout only 2 times after the initial proposal. Changes beyond the allotted opportunities may result in an increase cost to the final bill.

STEP 4 - The Ultimate Client Proofing Process
All proofing of proper names, places, dates, times, addresses, etc., is your responsibility. I will use my computer design programs to run a thorough spell check for all spelling and basic grammar, but once again, all names, places, dates, timings, addresses, etc., will be your complete responsibility. Once you've given me your "Final Approval to Proceed with Production," any errors that need to be corrected, items reprinted, cost of wasted materials, such as, glued ribbons, jewels, etc., will be at your expense. The additional reprinted costs will be noted and included on a final invoice.

STEP 5 - Final Approval and Production Phase
Once your stationery have entered the production phase, no further changes, quantities, designs, etc., will be allowed. If you truly desire a change, I will try my best to accommodate your desires by first reviewing my production timeline to see if it's possible, then I'll provide you with an additional quote for the newly, requested changes or order of additional stationery. If you agree to the added costs, I will gladly make the changes. But please be aware that this request may be unattainable, due to other client orders and production unavailability. 

Rushed Invitations
All invitation orders that are due to the client within 1-2 weeks after the initial consultation, are considered to be "Rushed," and with such, will be subject to a 25% rush charge from the total order cost (including tax). Consequently in these cases, the total payment of the estimate will be due before any design work will commence. Furthermore, acceptances of rushed invitations are dependent upon JesSmith Design’s availability. 

Stationery Delivery
I will make all shipping arrangements with the client during the consultation, for which the cost for shipping will be included into the estimate and/or in the final invoice. Shipping of the invitations will be carried out by either USPS, FedEx or UPS, as to which JesSmith Design’s will not be held responsible for any lost or damage invitations through the mail. Hand-delivery is possible to certain local clients at a rate of $0.45 per mile. You may pick-up your invitations at my house to avoid any and all shipping charges. 

Payment Options
JesSmith Design’s currently accepts payments in the forms of cash, money order, certified check or major credit cards (or bank transactions) through Venmo  or PayPal. The client will be charged a $30 fee for any returned and/or defaulted checks or faulty credit card transactions through ETSY or PayPal. The Client would also be charged a 3.5% fee for deciding to use a credit card.

Overdue Balances
An account shall be considered "Overdue" if it remains unpaid for 30 days beyond the date of invoice. Those accounts become default, and agree to pay JesSmith Design’s reasonable legal expenses for having third party collection agencies redeem the necessary costs and fees in the enforcement of the Terms and Conditions. Until such fees are redeemed, a 5% monthly interest charge will be applied to default accounts until payment has been received, or until a collection agency has paid JesSmith Design’s for its losses. As such, JesSmith Design’s will not become legally charged for seeking collection from third parties. 

Returns & Cancellations
If you have to cancel your stationery order for any reason, please call or email me immediately. Due to the nature of custom designs and craftsmanship, a few factors will apply:

- If you cancel your order with JesSmith Designs after you gave your "Final Approval to Proceed with Production," you will still be legally responsible to pay the entire amount that is listed on your estimate or invoice, and the remaining balance is due within 30 days. 
- If you cancel your order with JesSmith Designs before you give your "Final Approval to Proceed with Production," you will not be legally responsible to pay the entire amount that is listed on your estimate or invoice. 

Rights of Design Work
All artwork designed for clients is exclusive property of JesSmith Designs. You may opt to purchase digital copies of the artwork if granted permission. Allowing other designers, printers or professionals to use artwork is strictly prohibited.

The Perks of going Custom with JesSmith Designs

Benefits of Custom Stationery

You’ve finally saved up enough money to make a down payment on that dream house of yours. You meet with a builder to get the perfect design on paper; the design that is the face of your life, family and future. After all, you wouldn’t want this house to be the standard cookie cutter that is the design for other lives as well, would you?

View stationery with the same aspect. Especially over the holidays, I receive endless cookie cutters – the Wal-Mart, Tiny Prints, and especially Shutterfly cards. If you are spending the time, and money, to have an out-of-the-ordinary event or greeting that can include out-of-the ordinary ceremonies, cultures and customs, why not make your stationery unique, fresh, and well, YOU?

So consider custom stationery for your upcoming greetings or events. Not only will you be supporting small businesses, but you will also be given the attention to detail incomparable to others.

Portfolio Release

As the designer of your stationery, I own exclusive rights and privileges to the designs and artwork. While I may add images of these designs to my portfolio online or in the form of online albums at any time, I would like to hear my client’s preferences:

Please email me at Jessica@jessmithdesigns.com in order to discuss a date that is feasible to share your designs, if necessary.