I’m Jessica, the heart, stationer, calligrapher and educator behind JesSmith Designs. I am so happy that you are here!

In 2011, I truly married the man of my dreams. We met in the city of love, where he graduated with two engineering degrees from Drexel and I with a degree in history and education from Temple. Being college sweethearts and coming from the most loving of families, I thought life was then complete. But it was just beginning!

Two fur-babies and THREE baby girls (all in just four years!) later, my heart has never been more full. My family has helped me discover who I am. They have taught me compassion, to love unconditionally, and to treasure the “small things” by realizing that they are not so small, but moments in time to be cherished.

They also taught me to dream big and pursue those dreams, which is what brought us to each other today. My ambition is to put heart, put purpose, into every design I create and letter I write in calligraphy, and into each and every student I have the honor of educating at my calligraphy workshops. This is where my passion for history and love for family became entwined. I never imagine finished designs being thrown away, but kept for generations. Heirloom. Timeless. Created Heartily. 

My favorite quote is
“Love is the greatest gift that one generation can leave to another” by Richard Garnett.

I look forward to designing with you to create that perfect piece for you to cherish, forever.

Olivia Rehman Photography

Olivia Rehman Photography