What are benefits for choosing custom stationery?

You've finally saved up enough money to make a down payment on that dream house of yours. You meet with a builder to get the perfect design on paper; the design that is the face of your life, family and future. After all, you wouldn't want this house to be the standard cookie cutter that is the design for other lives as well, would you?

View stationery with the same aspect. Especially over the holidays, I receive endless cookie cutters – the Wal-Mart, TinyPrints, and especially Shutterfuly cards. If you are spending the time, and money, to have an out-of-the-ordinary event or greeting that can include out-of-the-ordinary ceremonies, cultures and customs, why not make your stationery unique, fresh, and well, YOU?

So consider custom stationery for your upcoming greetings or events. Not only will you be supporting small businesses, but you will also be given the attention to detail incomparable to others.

How much will custom stationery cost?

Depending on your design ideas and the designer that you choose, you may be surprised to see that the cost different between a custom designer and those "standard" invitation companies are relatively minimal. The biggest difference? The level attention and care from a designer is something that the standard invitation companies cannot offer.

As for weddings, the brides that are the most satisfied with their invitations are the ones who come fully aware of their budget and what wedding stationery may cost. For the basics, you will need an invitation with an inner and outer envelope, response card with envelope, and a reception card which can cost anywhere between 2-5% of your total budget. If a bride's total wedding budget is $15-20,000, she should plan to spend between $300 - $900 on very nice wedding stationery that meet her basic needs. For brides who would like to include additional items such as direction cards and envelope liners, or other pieces like thank you cards, programs, and day of paper, expect a stationery budget of 6-8%. If you believe as we do that the wedding invitation sets the tone for your event, you may want to bring the budget up a notch. A bride with a total wedding budget of $15,000 who is planning for all her paper needs can expect stationery cost to be between $1,000 - $1,500.

Because everyone has different needs for their stationery, the best way to get an accurate quote would be to contact me directly.

What do I need to get started?

Have your idea in mind? Contact me for a formal quote. Upon receiving the quote, you will have thirty days to sign a contract and submit a 50% deposit prior to any work completion. Further guidelines and details are available on the generated quote.

When should I schedule a consultation?

You may contact me as soon as you're ready to discuss your stationery needs! The sooner we discuss, the more likely I will be available.

Some of the basic details I will discuss with you during a consultation includes the quantity you need for each item, the type of information that you would like to include, and the look and colors that you have in mind. This may also be done via email or Skype!

BRIDES: I prefer to meet with you at least 4 – 8 months before your wedding, the sooner the better. If you are interested in save the dates, schedule a meeting 8 – 10 months before your wedding. A project may be considered rush if needed within a 4 – 5 week turnaround, which will be communicated prior to the start of the project. A timeline for your project will be more accurately determined after your consultation.

What types of printing do you offer?

I currently offer flat printing, digital printing, white in priting, foil pressed printing, letterpress, and MORE through my studio. Calligraphy services are also available. These prices drastically vary, so be sure to specify what you are interested in!

How soon will I receive my stationery?

This will depend on what your order is. Wedding stationery may take about eight weeks, including design, proofing and production. Invitations, note cards, business cards or pamphlets may take less time. If your order is considered rushed, applicable fees may be applied which will be communicated with you prior to the design process.