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Modern Calligraphy Workshop scholarship


Every workshop, I get to meet the most incredible people and hear stories of their lives and even what inspired them to learn the art of calligraphy. Both heart warming and heart wrenching, I have so much gratitude for all who become a part of my calligraphy family.

Two years ago, I launched my "Let Your Heart be Light" initiative where, during the holiday season, a portion of all holiday card orders go towards a random act of kindness. Now, I hope to keep this going all year with honoring others by teaching them the calligraphic skill.

I am honored to announce that I am now offering one fully-funded JSD calligraphy scholarship for each of my workshops.

Do you know a hard working mama who could use a night out? Maybe someone who has gone though a tough time, and could use a pick-me-up? Or even someone who has done a lot for the community around them?

The scholarship will be rewarded to a hopeful participant who is well deserving, and would love to learn calligraphy of course!


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