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Let's write!

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to learn the art of calligraphy? Are you intrigued by beautiful writing and design you see in stores, at weddings, and online? Do you just need something self-fulfilling? 

I would love to help you create this skill and write beautifully.

In 2015, my mama purchased me a gift certificate for a calligraphy course. I didn't have the interest at the time, but I was curious. And after writing a couple letters, I was addicted. Practicing this art form was relaxing to me, and it even brought me my own, personal time that I previously never had. I would make my practice a priority once the kids (and husband!) went down to bed.

Pour that wine, grab the tines, it was *me* time.

I would love for you to enjoy this art as much as I do! Through these workshops, I will teach you the very basics of calligraphy and continue to work with you by providing tips, tricks, and even future opportunities to get together!