10 Gifts Ideas from the Heart

Throw on your comfy pants, light the fire and grab your favorite warm drink. Ignore the November hustle outside and let me help you create the perfect gift from the comfort of your home (and if you have the kid hustle inside, im including lots of pics for an abridged version!).

Any other “type A” readers? Holidays stress me out. I feel like everything has to have meaning to be a “worthy” gift and aside from all that, I need to make the transaction of giving perfect... from first impression to lasting reaction. Endless pins and ETSY searches eat my data. Anyone, anyone?

Hopefully by reading this I can give you ideas and ease your mind of it all.

Here we go, a few of my favorite, heartfelt gifts!

Quality, professional photography is an investment but ohhhh my goodness a priceless one. Are there, after all, newlyweds, engaged couples, new mommies or expanding families who don’t value and decorate their homes with their memories captured beautifully? A gift certificate towards this investment is sure to get used at the leisure of the recipient. Reflect on the year’s milestones; could this be of value to someone special? If you’re in the PA/MD area, check out my favorite professional photographers, here!

Our wall gallery with most photos by  Rachel Mummert Photography  and  Leah Adkins Photography .

Our wall gallery with most photos by Rachel Mummert Photography and Leah Adkins Photography.


The thoughtfulness and intent in creating a calligraphy gift makes it everlasting, whether on display or kept in an heirloom chest. Calligraphy artwork is one of my favorites to design because of all the love that goes into making it; from the gift giver’s idea to the care into each individual letter drawn. First dance song lyrics from your wedding, your vows, a bible verse, favorite quote, and even a personal letter are frequently requested ideasOrder yours here!


Framed art assists in making a house more into a home. I see them the most in nursery rooms and common areas, such as living rooms. More often than not, they are a segment of a song or a favorite inspirational quote, phrase or word digitized beautifully to emphasize the typography in a work of art. To make it even more elegant, add names, years, foil press fine printing and an elegant frame!

Frameable Art.jpg
Frameable art styled-01.jpg
2016-10-29 15.18.49.jpg

An affordable gift that you can give to not just family, but friends, clients, and even co-workers would be a hand-lettered ornament. Again, when you go customized possibilities are endless for the design, but you could have holiday words and/or phrases, names, and more to celebrate the holidays and even milestones from the year. Add a small gift tag to include a special message!

Customize yours, here!


Make your customized gift a tradition! Similar to the traditional ornament, these glass ornaments can be opened to insert small slips of paper to reflect on the following year. Resolutions? Favorite memories from throughout the year? Prayers and wishes for those around you? This ornament is meant to be filled with love. This Memory Ball ornament comes packaged with the ribbon and paper.

Grab them while they last!

Back to school chalkbaord Avery.jpg
Back to School Stat Chalkboard.jpg

These personalized boards have really taken off this year! The stat boards are hand-lettered on a chalkboard with permanent paint ink so that you can reuse the board year after year for that special first or last day photo of children. 

Let's personalize yours!

The handwritten note never gets old. Congratulate someone on their new job, on graduating, or even their marriage by personalizing note cards with their name on it and various fine printing options. When they use the cards and take pen to the premium paper, their opportunities for use are endless! Want to make the surprise even more meaningful? Check out our Cards for a Cause, the perfect stocking stuffer.

Ready to order? Click here.

2016-10-29 15.11.48.jpg
Kids Thank you notecards.jpg

The best way to melt the hearts of recipients AND instill values in kids, these customizable note cards are modified to include the child’s name. They feature a template that aids kids in writing the perfect thank you note and even adds some fun with a coloring page on the back of the card. 

You can order these right from my ETSY shop! Click here.

Each year I love to release holiday card designs that are customizable to my clients. With the ability to add or change wording, colors and adding photos of your loved ones, they in essence become a gift. But for those especially near and dear to you, the Keepsake Ornament Card allows recipients (Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles, Godparents, etc!) to pop out the main focus of the card and hang it on the tree as an ornament to collect year after year. See this years designs and order them here.

jsd Smith Ornament Holiday Card 15c.jpg
Gift Certificate.jpg

Is someone you know getting married? Expecting a baby? Preparing to retire? I would love to chat with you about what we could do to help aid in making their event, or milestone, special to them with a JSD gift certificate. Each certificate is handmade and written out in calligraphy exclusively for the recipient. For those becoming a mommy-to-be, I have something extra special for you!

I truly hope that this helped you with some ideas, and also, how I can personally help make your holiday gift-giving special. If you have questions – from getting started to pricing, or even placing an order – please feel free to reach out at any time!


I hope to be a part of your holiday!