Behind the Lens: Rachel Mummert

Ever see someone bouncing up and down while singing Bob the Builder and spinning in circles dancing while holding hundreds of dollars of equipment? Or have a photographer take just the right picture of your baby nuzzling into you neck so it takes to back to the smells and snuggles every time you see it?

Ladies and gentlemen, meet Rachel Mummert!

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We make quite the dynamic duo, and have soooo much to celebrate. My very own McKenna Fay had the honor of being Rachel’s second newborn session nearly three years ago, and this weekend we get to celebrate Rachel as she opens her very own studio in town!

So when Rachel came to me not too long ago to help her in designing the perfect logo for her new location, of course my world was put on hold because I knew this had to be perfect.

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It had to have meaning.

It had to explain why she chose this career path.

It had to show her style, aesthetic, and attention to detail.

It had to show her personality traits: gentle, passionate, and kind.

But more than anything, it had to tell her story.

And she was ready to tell it because it is so essential to what she does.

If you are a client of Rachels, you are probably more than that. You are considered a friend, because she is just as compassionate about everything you cherish as you are.


If you are considering becoming a friend, or are looking for a crazy talented photographer who captures the beauty in everything as you see it, look no further.


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Meet Rachel.

Central PA Portrait Photographer

The Warm Up

Historic town, beach, big city, or mountain vacation?

There are options beside the beach?!

Monday Morning Beverage of Choice?


Give me a fun fact about you!

I'll give you two ;) I was a top ten finalist at the Miss Pennsylvania pageant, AND I am a tetrachromat which means I see many many more shades of a color than most humans. It makes matching shades REALLY difficult for me.

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Sunrise or Sunset?


Describe the toppings on your perfect pizza.

Mushrooms and ranch dressing

OK, last one. Celeb crush?

Ryan Reynolds

Let’s get down to your story since it plays such a big role within your business.


Describe how you entered the "creative" world.

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Ah this could be long. I don't often tell this story, but this is the truth, and I am feeling authentic.
In 2013 we lost our first baby, a little boy, at 22 weeks. In the hospital, the nurses took beautiful photos of him, in very natural newborn style. Those photos are now everything to me. Afterwards, I spent months in bed, not knowing if I would ever be able to face the real world again. My therapist and doctors pushed me to find something I could really put my heart into to help me cope with my loss. I came across a photography class at a local college, and it was the first thing to get me motivated to get out of bed. I wanted to capture memories for people that they would cherish, and I always had a love of beautiful photos. So I took the course, and faced my fears of being majorly inadequate with my camera. I struggled through the class, and continued my own independent learning afterwards. I was so drawn to newborns, that even though it came from a place of pain, I was desperate to gain experience with these little ones. Just a year later, I was blessed with my son, Avery, and he was my very first newborn subject. From that point on, I was hooked. I took on any session I could to gain experience, and spent many many hours learning the safety behind newborn and baby photography. I learned my camera, and practiced religiously on my own son. I will never forget the day I got my first inquiry from a non-family member asking for my pricing. Now two years later, I can say that I am giving families pieces of art that they can cherish as their children grow. I am so proud of what I do, and I feel like in a way, my art saved me.


Describe your business, talents, and specialty.

I focus on capturing both lightly-posed and candid photos of newborns, families, and children. I like to work the angles of my subjects, giving a different perspective with each shot. When shooting events and weddings, I tend to be more of a "fly on the wall", to really capture the story as it is happening, rather than creating posed moments. I would consider newborn through the first year my specialty though, as this is really what I focus much of my energy on in my business.


What would you tell others as to why your industry is important?

My photography teacher said it best when he mentioned that most people are taking quick snapshots with their phone to preserve a moment in time, like recordkeeping, but anyone can do that. I think a truly talented photographer brings out more by using a different perspective to turn that moment into art. It's so much more than just pushing a button on a "fancy camera". From understanding how that camera works, how to manipulate light, how to flatter your subject using posing and angles, and then how to transform a photo to art during the editing process, photography is still an artform and professionals spend their lives perfecting their craft.



She's not new, but certainly improved! Check out her new brand!

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Main Logo

Main Logo

Logo Alternate

Logo Alternate

To start, I brainstormed and even researched elements that aligned with Rachel's vision. I wanted to tell her story, and she quickly picked up on just how important that was. We were on the same page 99.9% of the process, which is so important to a brand.

You can see on her board to the left why I chose elements I did, and aligned them to her color palette.

When combined, her brand is fresh like the babies she photographs, welcoming to clients new and old, and real, expressing her incredible talent she has.



Working with Rachel, as every client who reaches out entrusting me with their precious milestones, was truly an accomplishment of mine. I am always still mind-blown when people want my writing rather than a font, and this was the second one this year.


To Rachel, c o n g r a t u l a t i o n s on the opening of your photography studio, girl! You worked your butt off and I am so grateful you have included me in so many steps along the way. I know you will continue to flourish and "wow" us all with your work!

Check out her website , follow her on Insta or Facebook, or feel free to leave her some love, below!