The Concrete Couple... & Collab!

Our Concrete styled shoot is being featured today on the Perfect Palette!

If you tuned in not too long ago and checked out the "Shades of Green" feature, then you got to meet an incredibly talented team of professionals. Well ya'll, we did it again!

When Macy from Enchanting Events and Design reached out for some calligraphy work, I was all in. Really, who cares what the details of it were, because well, #dreamteamgoals.

But then she followed up and asked if that calligraphy work could be on concrete... and the convo then sort of just went like this:

giphy (1).gif

Macy had no idea of my concrete "connections", aka my incredibly talented husband Ben. We were just going to make this awesome.

Read on to see the behind the scenes work we did as husband and wife, or scroll down to see some of my favorite photos by Anne Casey Photography!

The first time I saw the completed concrete floor!

The first time I saw the completed concrete floor!

Behind the Scenes with the Concrete Couple

Ben and I have always talked about combining our talents to make some beautiful pieces of art. Actually, we have once before, at our own wedding! I designed our monogram and Benjamin made our entire dance floor from scratch, stained to to match our wedding palette, and engraved the monogram on the dance floor. 

But that was before entering this field was even on my mind.

So after a few rough sketches of pieces I wanted to include in the photo shoot, we got to work! Some of you followed along on my Insta, but for those of you who didn't, it was a learning experience. Here are a few things I learned:

1- Concrete work is similar to calligraphy in the pace. People think that it can be done "quick" and on the fly, but it takes a lot of time for any piece.

2- Math matters. There, I said it. Those formulas and calculations I never thought I would see again? I saw them. Put to use. With my own eyes. 

3- Just like stationery and calligraphy as well, they are so many options and finishes available. Since the theme of the shoot was concrete, we kept it natural!

4- I really think that Ben enjoyed working with me. I mean, I am totally down for being the Chip and Jo of Concrete! Honestly, I LOVED every minute working with Ben and I am forever grateful for this opportunity to be a team highlighting both our passions. Because of that, I would have never considered this project to be a failure. 


The Featured results

Venue: studio4baltimore
Photographer: @annecaseyphotography
Planning & Design: @enchantingeventsanddesign
Florist: @travisfloraldesigns
Party Rentals: @partyplustentsandevents
Custom Robe: @sincerelysofidesigns
Invitation Suite & Menu: @lattice_tree_studio
Calligraphy & Concrete Artisans: @jessmithdesigns & Benjamin Smith
Hair & Makeup: @vintageveils
Jewelry: @fayedanieldesigns
Wedding Gown & Tux: @kandbbridals
Vintage Rentals: @whitegloverentals
Silk Ribbon: @aribbonsnest
Cake: @whipped_cakes
Welcome Box: @southerngrownvintage
Tie: @thetiebar


The Gallery

What do you think?!

If you and your significant other would team up for a collaboration, what would it be?

OR, What is your favorite part of this shoot? Go ahead and fill me in ;)