2018 Wedding Report: Whats on Trend?

Did you know that in 2017, OCTOBER was the most popular month for weddings? Trailing not too far behind were September and November.

What does this mean? Fall is now the most popular season to get married, with over 40% of weddings occurring during this time!

Anne Casey Photography  | Baltimore, Maryland

Anne Casey Photography  | Baltimore, Maryland

About a week ago, WeddingWire released the data collected from 2017 brides and grooms who tied the knot.

With over 18,000 newlyweds surveyed, we are now able to see average costs, popular trends, and share new ideas with others in the wedding planning process!

Other information was gathered about engagements, wedding traditions, top professionals hired, and more. This information could be very useful to know, especially if you are a fall bride!

Otherwise, it is just for fun! Here are some more figures for you:

Did you know that 67% of couples continue to have a partner who asks for their parents blessing?

or that 40% of wedding party members are now of mixed genders?
(I totally would have loved a groom of honor!)

Ready for more? Read on!


Anne Casey Photography | Baltimore

Anne Casey Photography | Baltimore

Engagement and EarlyAnnouncements

- 74% of engagement rings are set with diamonds, which have traditionally been the most popular.
- Average engagement ring cost? $5,000!
- The most popular day for engagements is Christmas Day! My husband went this route, too!
- Over 64% of brides continue to choose to send Save the Dates by mail.

Wedding Planning

- The average couple has a team of thirteen wedding professionals participating in making their day perfect.
- The average age of grooms in 2017 was 33, and was 31 for brides.
- 1 in 4 met online, and around half have dated for 2 or more years.
- 79% of couples getting married in 2017 lived together before marriage.

Wedding Day Details

- 77% had receptions that were indoors
- 42% of couples did a "first-look" with their photographers
- 80% of brides choose to wear white gowns
- Decreasing from prior years, 68% of weddings had open bars.


Growing Old...

Getting hot...

75%order of day: ceremony, cocktail hour, reception (-10%)

74%father-daughter and/or mother-son dances (-9%)

70%changing to partner’s last name (-12%)

45%begin honeymoon 1-2 days after reception (-12%

63%groom(s) dressing more casual than tuxedo (7%)

61%walking down aisle to non-classical music (7%)

59%wedding party: females wearing different dresses (14%)

54%creating a wedding hashtag (10%)



In the end, your wedding should not be stressful; especially financially. You should certainly take the time to get to know the professionals you hope to work with, to ensure you are getting the best pricing possible and to also avoid paying for things that you truly do not need.

This is why I just LOVE custom wedding invitation design; we get to work together to build your invitation suite exactly as you would want, without any access frills - or even quantities! Why order 100 invitations if you only need 83?


So, what is the biggest question you should be asking your wedding professionals?


What will they do for you?
Knowing and feeling comfortable with the professionals that you work with will not only ensure that they will do a terrific job at your wedding, but that your investment will be returned with commitment, quality and dedication in return. 

To see the entire 2018 Wedding Wire Report, check out their page for statistics and to find wedding pro's perfect for you!

Want to see my favorite people to work with, who put their heart into all their work? Check out the professionals that I love!

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