Wedding Invitations... they'll just throw them away.

Ya'll, I'm no snopes, but I am here to totally debunk this statement with some facts for you. 

Do you want to know:

- What makes people actually KEEP your Save the Date?
- Who keeps invitations post your wedding date?
- What makes your guests more likely to keep your wedding invitation?
- The top three things that brides kept post-wedding?

Then read on, sister!

The spark-noted background

I haven't participated in a bridal show in years, but this weekend kicked off show season for me by participating in the Best Wedding Showcase in York, PA.  I will also be at The Bond in York for the Behind the Bash event as well!

And I get it. Fine stationery and wedding invitation suites are not for everyone. I am OK with that! 

4 central pa wedding invitations custom invitations calligraphy 2.jpg

On more than one occasion however, I have heard brides-to-be and their moms snap quickly with "They are beautiful, but are a waste of money since they will be thrown away". In a nutshell, this is not true.

Going for Bold: What will they throw away?

Lets start with those favors. Guys, people don't need another cookie cutter or more seeds to add to the forest of vegetation to "watch love grow". Amiright? Additionally, sure. We all LOVE the favors we can indulge in right away because we know dinner is never on time. But don't worry, those cute little labels and ribbons you paid $3 EACH for are also going in the trashcan. Your cake? A faint memory. Your candles and centerpieces? Well, you won't be keeping 20 of them in your house. So I asked married couples, what did you really keep from your wedding day?

100% answered with some form of stationery design.

Earlier this year during "engagement season", I posted a few survey questions on my Instagram story to gauge peoples responses to wedding invitation and stationery design. I was certainly not expecting the results that I got! Nearly 200 random people participated

Here's the breakdown:

2018-01-27 07.44.19.png

Making it personal:

Personalization is everything!  Especially if you splurged on that DREAM wedding photographer, show off their perfection by highlighting your photos on Save the Dates or even your wedding invitation. I love keeping our friends photos on our fridge, because it reminds me of them and brings me back to memories. 

As for invitations, aside from calligraphy for addresses, I sometimes see each invitation personalized with the names of the guests invited. This is VERY traditional, and just makes me swoon! But see? Nearly 90% more likely to SAVE your investment!

3 central pa wedding invitations custom invitations calligraphy 2.jpg

Additional questions and their results:

central pa wedding invitations custom invitations calligraphy.jpg
central pa wedding invitations custom invitations calligraphy 2.jpg
6 central pa wedding invitations custom invitations calligraphy 2.jpg

The Grand Finale... "what did you keep?"

My last survey questions to those who are hitched was "Tell me the top THREE things you intently saved from your wedding".

Among the answers were:

  • Attire
  • "other" stationery
  • Bouquet
  • Glassware
  • Photos
  • Cake Topper
  • Ceremony Accessories
  • Centerpieces and
  • Ribbons form Bouquet

and the number ONE answer was...




I am so very passionate in creating wedding suites that will be cherished and kept forever. No book of templates; just your wedding vision and love story illustrated as your first commissioned pieces as a couple.


View my wedding invitation portfolio and view investment details here!

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