Welcome Home!


Welcome to my new homespace! I’m so glad to have yall here, and I invite you to head to your fridge and pantry’s to get a warm, yummy snack while I show you around <3

Earlier this year, I had an amazing experience at the Creative at Heart Conference. It was there where I figured out exactly what I was passionate about when it came to stationery, the message and experience I wanted to give my clients, and what direction I wanted my business to go. It was going to be work, but I decided that the summer months were the best to manhandle these changes while working with some of the sweetest clients ever.


First up? Enlisting THE Britt Hyatt from Home Sweet Hyatt Studios to totally transform my current homepage, Joanna Gaines style, and them some… this was a full demolition guys! Organizing a layout and photographing stationery totally consumed me – because to me, it all had to have a purpose. She took that vision of my heart and built it into an online home for my stationery studio. What an incredible, sweet and patient person to work with. Serious #fangirl!

Hey Britt!

Hey Britt!

What changes will you see?

Invitations, created Heartily

The biggest message I want to deliver is my purpose. I want people to know that I design stationery because it is a piece of their history, their story. It is art that they can turn back to at any point in their lives to remember the love and the passion and the happiness from those very moments they let me be a part of to illustrate for them. It is work that I am passionate about and should be meaningful and a heirloom to others. What others value is important to me and that combined, should be everlasting. To illustrate and preserve those special moments, I highlight two main custom design collections on my page.

Heirloom Collections – Handcrafted, custom designed stationery featuring elegant, modern and timeless details paired with fine printing.

Keepsake Collections – Simple, traditional stationery digitally printed on premium papers with classic add-on options.


You selecting me to design your milestone stationery is an honor and I am truly blessed every time I get to make a new friend in the process. Occasionally throughout my website, you will see the term “Heartily” used. I want this to be the single term that reflects my business and passion; putting reason into everything I do, and designing with intent: holiday cards, weddings, birth announcements, calligraphy and more. I hope to make the process an easy, fun experience that occasionally pull on your heartstrings too!




I began this journey in January after receiving much faith from my mother to pursue this road and it sure has taken off! I truly love calligraphy, there is something about the handwritten letter that never gets old. I am thrilled to now be able to share with you my heirloom pieces and lettering that my amazing clients entrusted in me to design exclusively for them. It doesn’t get more custom than this!


I hope that the introduction to my new online home continues after I end this post and Im so truly thankful that you joined me on my latest excitement in the stationery world! I do hope that you check back for blog features on new friends and professionals, tips, stationery suites and more.

Most of all, I cannot wait to get your designs in my gallery for the world to see.


Heartily, Jessica

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Congratulations Bryn, winner of $50 towards JSD Services and a $25 Starbucks gift card!

Also recipients of 10% off holiday cards and a Starbucks drink on me: Brett Staub, Cristy Sanders, Abby Zimmerman and Tiffany Jayne.

The winners of $100 towards web design by Britt Hyatt of Home Sweet Hyatt Studios are:

Anchor Fifty-Two and McCoy Artwork!

Congrats ladies!